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What are the benefits of the Legal Services option for home insurance?

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Legal services cover provides expert legal help when you need it most.

We consider this to be very valuable cover as, unlike other options, you will have your legal costs paid by us and also get to keep the whole award if you win your case.

We will provide you with a lawyer, if you need one, and legal funding of up to £50,000 to pursue or defend cases in court, including:

  • Property claims such as against noisy neighbours or for boundary disputes
  • Employment disputes such as unfair dismissal or discrimination at work
  • Personal injury including food poisoning and accidental injury which is some else's fault
  • Consumer disputes such as the purchase of a faulty car or breach of contract by a holiday company
  • Medical negligence by someone responsible for your clinical care such as doctors, dentists or even cosmetic treatment practitioner

The lawyer will discuss your case and will represent you if it's more likely than not you will be successful.

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