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Do you cover unoccupied properties?

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This depends on the length of time the property will be unoccupied. If it's less than 40 consecutive days, you can get a quote online and purchase your cover. However, if the property will be unoccupied longer than that, you'll need to call us on 08000 157 521 for a quote. To maintain a quality service we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges.

If you already have Barclays Home Insurance and your property is unoccupied for longer than the agreed period in your policy schedule, you won't be covered for:
* theft or attempted theft
* malicious people or vandals
* escape of water from water tanks, pipes, equipment or fixed heating systems
* water freezing in tanks, equipment or pipes (Buildings cover only)
* heating fuel leaking from a fixed heating system
* damage to underground services, fixed glass and sanitary fittings
* Tenants Liability and Tenants Improvement

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